March 2024 Election Information

Factual information about the upcoming ballot issues for Teays Valley Local Schools

TVLSD’s Board of Education voted to place a bond issue on the ballot in the Presidential Primary Election on March 19, 2024.

The purpose of the bond issue is to fund the district’s Facilities Master Plan, which was developed throughout the Fall of 2023 and comprised a community-driven process that considered a number of different master plan options. The plan includes the construction of two new school buildings that would accommodate a projected increase in student enrollment with adequate educational space.

Please review the information below to learn more about the issue on the March 19th ballot.

The Facts of the Master Plan

1.) Build 2 new 4-6 Intermediate Schools; buildings will be located on district-owned land adjacent to East MS and West MS. 2.) Convert Elementary Schools to Preschool-3; 4th and 5th grades move to new intermediate schools, providing more space for students in Grades PK-3. 3.) Convert Middle Schools to 7-8; 6th grade moves to new intermediate schools, providing more space for students in grades 7-8.

  • Build two new intermediate school buildings, which will house grades 4-6. One building will be built on the same campus as TV East Middle School. Another building will be built on the same campus as Scioto Elementary School/TV West Middle School.

  • All existing elementary schools will become grades preschool- grade 3 buildings. 

  • The existing TV middle schools will become grades 7 and 8 buildings.

The Financial Numbers

  • Bond Issue - 5.33 Mill Bond Issue for 37 years

  • Annual Cost - $15.55 per month or $186.55/year per $100,000 of county auditor's appraised value

  • The graph below demonstrates the impact of the bond issue on the affordability relative to other central Ohio districts. The first column where TV is listed is the current affordability. The second column is where TV would fall on the graph if the bond issue passes.

Affordability Comparison of Surrounding School Districts; As of November 2023 and with an estimated 4.06 Mill increase from a $96.5 Million 37 Year Bond Issue

  • There are two Bonds outstanding from prior building projects. The final payments on those Bonds are expected to take place in 2027 and the other in 2034, based on the current debt service schedule. This could result in a decrease to the millage in the subsequent years.

Teays Valley Local School District - Hypothetical Mileage Analysis. New bonds assume 37 year team, voted 5.33 mills, $96,515,000 bond issue; as of December 18, 2023. Estimated net increase of 3.65 mills from 2023 - 2025. (1.80, 1.80 in 2023) Decrease of 0.64 mills (1.26, 1.70 in 2024) (5.33, 1.26, 0.66 in 2025) (5.33, 1.26, 0.66 in 2026) (5.33, 1.26, 0.66 in 2027) Estimated decrease in 0.66 mills in 2028 (5.33, 1.26 in 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, 2032, 2033, and 2034) Estimated dcrease of 1.49 Mills in 2035 (5.10 in 2035, 2036, 2037, 2038, 2039, 2040, 2041, and 2042) 1.) Based on final interest rates and debt service schedules for the 2015 and 2016AB Bonds. Includes all UTGO Bonds (voted bonds) which are currently collecting bond milage to repay the bonds. 2.) Tax Values for 2024 collection years are from the County Auditor as of December 2023. Tax values thereafter are based upon conservative growth estimates through 2045. All tax values are NET of the existing tax appeal. 3.) Rates for the estimated New Series of 2024 Bonds are as of November 2023. Interest rates will fluctuate between now and pricing causing an increase or decrease in 2024 Bond payments and therefore milage rates illustrated above.

  • The chart below demonstrates the tax cost in dollars for a standard home ranging from $100,000–$300,000

millage calculator

Capacity Numbers

  • According to current projections from FutureThink, the district is anticipating an 18.6% increase in enrollment over the next 10 years (approximately 823 students).

  • 80+ Students per year

  • Current district capacity issues are projected to impact the elementary/middle schools.

  • Enrollment as of December 2023 has increased by 145 students since the previous school year.  This is 69 students more than the projected growth studies have provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Plan

The Cost

On December 11, 2023, the Board voted to place a bond issue on the March 2024 ballot to cover the cost of the Plan.

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