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College Credit Plus
College Credit Plus is a program that allows students who need additional challenges above and beyond the high school curriculum to earn college credit while still being enrolled as a student in grades 7-12.  The program provides a plethora of opportunities for those students who need academic expansion. This program is specially designed for those students who are academically prepared to complete college-level coursework and meet the admission requirements of a college or university.

Each year, TVHS conducts an informational meeting that provides parents and students the necessary updates regarding the rules, regulations, advantages and disadvantages concerning participation in the College Credit Plus program. This year, the annual College Credit Plus Informational Session  will be held virtually allowing the student and parent the opportunity to view the video at their convenience. The viewing of this video is mandatory for any first-year student planning on participating  in the 2023-2024 school year.  Some of the items included in the video include: how a student may earn free college credit, the impact of taking college courses on the GPA and class rank and the overall process of how to become involved in the program. If you have been a previous CCP student you are still required to watch a video for current students that provides you with the updated information. The video for current students has been placed in the CCP Schoology course.  Current students must still complete the  required forms to continue participation in the program.

CCP Informational Letter to Parents & Students

Required forms and Resources for CCP Students & Families

CCP Video for Current CCP Students

Required CCP video for new CCP families for 2023-2024: