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Teays Valley Field House

The last few months have been filled with planning for the school year and navigating the waters of COVID-19. During all of this, people began to see that something was taking place on what used to be the practice field. Mounds of dirt started piling up and I’m sure everyone wondered what was going on. Now that we have a minute to catch our breath, we wanted to make an effort to bring everyone up to date on this project.

Over four years ago, the Teays Valley Board of Education started planning for some athletic upgrades. The board realized for our size and being a D1 (D2 in football) school we were lacking facilities that would enhance our programs. The board prioritized a new turf field and an athletic field house as major projects for the future.  

Last year, the first project was completed. The new turf field was opened in the fall of 2019. Our students and coaches have utilized this field day in and day out, rain or shine. The old field had significant shortcomings and was often not suitable for play. This field is always ready for play.

This year work has begun on the new athletic field house. The field house is slated to open in the spring of 2021. The new 40,000+ square foot building will consist of 3 full basketball courts with a durable all surface floor. The facility will also have an elevated two-lane running track.  The field house will include a space dedicated to a future clinic where we can partner with a health provider. There will also be locker rooms so athletes can easily access the athletic fields.

This facility can be shared by nearly all of our athletes. The large open space can even allow for our band to rehearse during inclement conditions. Many recreational and travel teams often need to use our facilities and this space will be an excellent venue to host those events.

The funding for these projects has been enhanced by many private donations. To date, over $1 million has been donated by organizations and individuals in our community.  Other portions of this money have been set aside over the last few years to prepare for the project and this has been accomplished by sound and conservative financial planning. The district will also be selling property that has escalated in value over the last few years due to its proximity to Rickenbacher.  There will be no levy or increase in taxes to complete this project. When this project is completed, Teays Valley will have access to one of the best facilities in the central Ohio region.  

We are excited to share this exciting new edition with Viking Nation! Please see the links below for the floor plans.

Floor Plan - 1st Floor.JPG
Floor Plan - 2nd Floor.JPG

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