Learning Recovery & Extended Learning Plan

Learning Recovery & Extended Learning Plan

Teays Valley Schools has been working diligently through the 2020-2021 school year to address the many challenges brought on by COVID-19. On February 9, 2021, Governor DeWine asked schools and districts to work with their communities and educational stakeholders to help students continue to advance academically and to make up for any learning that may have been lost or delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and related disruptions.
The good news is that this is something our district has been prioritizing for months, taking into consideration the needs of students, families, teachers and staff. We continue to strive to support all students academically and socioemotionally, and we know the driving positive academic progress as we recover from the pandemic is going to be critical to helping our students achieve success into the future.
In collaboration with other central Ohio public school districts, Teays Valley Local Schools has been a part of the development of a new program called BRIDGE. Teays Valley has been working with partner districts to share best practices and plans for how to move forward. Our work is targeted on four areas: 

1) social emotional well-being; 
2) academic achievement; 
3) culture and climate; and 
4) equity and accessibility. 

By prioritizing these four core points, we recognize that academic advancement post-pandemic requires a holistic response, with an equal commitment to capturing lost learning within a diverse group of students and scenarios, while also recognizing mental health impacts and creating positive, lasting social emotional outcomes for all students. BRIDGE is designed to ensure that students at all levels of educational and socioemotional progress and those most at risk are supported in positive ways. 

For the complete plan and breakdown of each of the targeted areas, go to https://bit.ly/3cZgtkV 

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