Intradistrict Open Enrollment Policy

Intradistrict Open Enrollment Policy

Intradistrict Open Enrollment Policy

Students living within the specific attendance area will not be excluded over an applicant outside the attendance area.  Only students wishing to attend another school need to apply.

Any application for an intradistrict transfer must be submitted on an official form to the District office between 8:00 a.m. on the first working day of April and 4:00 p.m. on the last working day of May.

On or before August 15, a notification of applicant acceptance or rejection will be posted and mailed to the parents or guardian of each student applicant.  (Kindergarten students will be notified as soon as classroom enrollment has been reasonably established).  Principals of the home school and the receiving school will also be notified at this time.

Criteria cannot be used to create racial imbalance.

Transfers will be approved for one year only.  Requests must be resubmitted annually.  To prevent any disruption of a student’s education and to maintain continuity, students will remain in the receiving school for the entire (or remaining) school year.

Students enrolled in special education programs will attend the school where the services described in the individual education plan (IEP) are available.

Approval for intradistrict open enrollment will be based on improving teacher/student ratio balance across the district.

The priority by which all student applications for intradistrict open enrollment will be approved shall be the date and time of receipt by the District office.

Students requesting intradistrict transfers for medical reasons will be given first priority on all requests and the Superintendent has the authority to allow medical transfer requests to exceed the stated enrollment limits.

Transportation for students attending the school of their choice, when that school is out of their attendance area, shall be the responsibility of the parents or guardian of the student unless the student can be picked up and dropped off at a stop on the regular transportation schedule.

The Superintendent reserves the right to revoke the privileges of transfer at any time due to extenuating circumstances.

[Adoption date:  April 23, 2007]

Teays Valley Local School District, Ashville, Ohio
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