Gifted Program History

Gifted Program History

History of the Teays Valley Gifted Program

We have a long history of recognizing the unique needs of students who are identified as gifted. The V.I.K.E.S. program began in 1984 serving students who are identified in the area of superior cognitive ability. Third through fifth grade  students with this type of identification participate in a weekly pull out program with a Gifted Intervention Specialist or GIS. The  integrated curriculum is designed with a focus on critical thinking and problem solving skills in reading, math, science and social studies. Students participate in highly engaging and individualized lessons that include STEM, higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy and independent research. The social and emotional needs of students are also addressed through the development of a growth mindset. Finally, students are expected to complete a research project to present their learning at our annual VIKES Achievement Fair. 

Students who are identified with a specific academic ability in mathematics, reading or both receive enrichment services from a gifted certified teacher in a gifted cluster setting. For students who are identified in reading, emphasis is placed on independence of learning and critical thinking using a broad range of high-quality, increasingly challenging literary and informational texts. Students who are identified in math focus on solving complex problems using multiple strategies, justifying their conclusions, communicating them to others, and responding to the arguments of others.

For more information about our gifted program, contact the district gifted coordinator, Carmen Tarbill at [email protected] or by calling 740.983.5000 ext 7205. 

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