Classroom Grants

Classroom Grants

Classroom Grants

The Foundation offers classroom grants to each school every school year. During the 2022-2023 school year, $7,000 will be awarded to each school. All staff members are eligible to apply. If you would like to apply for a grant, click on this link - TVEF Grant Application.
2022-2023 Grants:
South Bloomfield Elementary School
South Bloomfield Elementary kindergarten teachers Gabby Gordon, Kim Newton, Stephanie Mund and Bethany Stephens received a grant for $901.38 to purchase sets of books for the kindergarten classrooms.

Walnut Elementary School
Walnut Elementary School 1st grade teacher Megan Emmons received a grant for $1,725 to purchase 432 decodable texts and a year of digital resources.

TV West Middle School
West physical education/health teacher Marie Galloway received a grant for $968.29 to purchase a Smart Google TV and mobile TV cart. They will be used to introduce new activities during gym class, such as yoga and meditation. Ms. Galloway is hoping that through this grant, she will be able to reach more students on a different level.

Walnut Elementary School Walnut 5th grade ELA teacher Sarah Malinowski received a $2,000 grant to purchase new collections of texts to enhance the current 5th grade collection.

Walnut Elementary School
Walnut 2nd grade teacher Ginny Fee received a $2,000 grant to purchase nonfiction text sets for various reading levels for the 2nd grade classrooms.

TV East Middle School
East 6th grade teachers Alex Psota and Jen Hinton received a grant for $290.80 to purchase two sets of wipeboards for their classrooms. Wipeboards are mini whiteboards that can be hung around the classroom for groups of students to work at, which allows students to be out of their seats and engaged in the learning process.

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