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Students of the Month - November
Students of the Month - November
At Walnut Elementary School, a student from each homeroom is chosen as the "Student of the Month" by the staff members at Walnut. The students are recognized for improvement in grades or good grades, good attendance or improvement in attendance, character, behavior, attitude toward others/learning, good citizenship or improvement in citizenship, classroom participation, demonstrating responsibility and/or respectful to peers and teachers. Congratulations to the November "Students of the Month"!
Kindergarten: Kyleigh Cradlebaugh , Chandler Cheadle, Lorelei Moore
1st Grade: Jayme Tussing, Liam Jordan, Bowen Bitler
2nd Grade: Peyton Jacobson, Cameron Raley, Aiden Cox
3rd Grade: Elise Edwards, Lauren Bright, Grace Thanasack
4th Grade: Kameron Storts, Michael York, Curtis James
5th Grade: Meagan Sharp, Makayla Davis, Tessa Boyd