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Solar Eclipse
We will be exeriencing a solar eclipse on Monday, August 21. The students' safety is very important to us. Parents - please discuss with your children the importance of not looking directly into the sun without proper eyewear. Many of our schools will be providing protective eyewear to the students for them to wear during this rare event. Our middle school and high school students will be released during the peak time of the eclipse, so it is important that they understand that they should not look directly at the eclipse as they head to their busses. Also, please stress to all of your student drivers that they should keep their eyes on the road and headlights on while driving during the eclipse. While it is safe to be outside during an eclipse, it is not safe to stare at the sun.
If you do not want your child to participate in activities involving the eclipse, please send a written statement to your child’s teacher or the principal by Monday morning or you may call the office of the building your child attends.
For more information about safety precautions during the eclipse, please go to this article -