Solar Eclipse
We will be experiencing a solar eclipse on Monday, August 21. The students' safety is very important to us. Parents - please discuss with your children the importance of not looking directly into the sun without proper eyewear. Many of our schools will be providing protective eyewear to the students for them to wear during this rare event. Go to this link for more info.
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TV Educational Foundation
The purpose of the TVEF is to support the development and implementation of school improvement initiatives, model programs, award grants and scholarships and leverage community resources to support, strengthen and improve public education in the Teays Valley Local Schools. The Foundation will provide residents of the district, the extended Teays Valley Local Schools community and others the opportunity to partner with the Teays Valley Local Schools Board of Education and the Teays Valley Local Schools in a common goal of improving public education.
TVEF Goals
  • To serve as a community-wide communication vehicle for education and academic awareness;
  • To encourage teachers, staff and students through mini grants and/or matching programs to seek classroom solutions and to enrich and support curriculum through innovation, research, professional growth and supporting materials;
  • To seed new ideas and approaches to teaching that support a sense of community with staff, demonstrate potential widespread application across the school system and synchronize with the goals of the Teays Valley Board of Education;
  • To provide a vehicle for the Teays Valley Local School’s residents, alumni and other contributors to give money to support long-term capital, building, facility, technology and equipment needs;
  • To develop “bridge-building” programs to encourage and increase the involvement of parents and community members in the Teays Valley Local Schools;
  • To endow selected unique programs and district initiatives outside the realm of normal funding such as school trips, enrichment programs, fine arts programs and summer programs;
  • To endow opportunities for professional development activities for teachers and other personnel;
  • To develop life skills opportunities to encourage and increase involvement of students in the Teays Valley Local Schools;
  • To endow and administer scholarship awards for graduating seniors and other students. 
Teays Valley Local Schools
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