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Non-Resident Enrollment Policy
The Board believes that efficient use should be made of the facilities in the District. Students from the District shall be given every priority with regard to attendance prior to the acceptance of tuition students. After the needs of the legal resident students have been met, the Board may allow further registration of students on a tuition basis when such registration would not be a deterrent to the educational quality of the schools in the District. The tuition charge will be revised annually in accordance with the state formula for calculation. A nonresident application form must be filled out to be considered by the district.

Tuition Students
1. Tuition students shall be classified as Board tuition students or individual tuition students.
2. Board tuition students shall have priority over individual tuition students.
3. A tuition contract must be signed by the Treasurer and the Superintendent, or by the parent in individual tuition cases.
4. Billing for Board tuition students will take place in October, December, February and May.
5. Billing for individual tuition students will be for a minimum of one month and payable in advance. Tuition status may be revoked for lack of payment in a timely fashion.
6. Individual tuition students will need to make arrangements with their home district for transfer of credits and graduation.
7. Tuition students will enjoy the same general relationship with Teays Valley Local Schools as resident students from the local schools.
8. During any given month that a student may enter or withdraw, tuition shall be charged according to the following formula:
A. The monthly tuition rate shall be calculated according to Section 3317.08 of the Ohio Revised Code.
B. Attendance for any fractional part of a month shall be regarded as attendance for a full month, unless the annual session is terminated before the end of a full month.
C. Annually, the tuition shall be divisible by nine (September through May). Days in August shall be combined with September's charge and days in June will be included with May's billing.
In situations where a student begins his/her senior year at Teays Valley High School and then the parents move from the District, the Board may allow the student to continue their education in the District tuition free.

Nonresident Students
Nonresident tuition students will be accepted in the District only after the following guidelines have been met.
1. The student must have an acceptable attendance record at his/her previous school(s).
2. The student must have an acceptable behavior/discipline record at his/her previous school(s).
3. The student should have an academic record that reflects an acceptable grade point average in his/her previous school(s) and a history of success in state mandated testing.
4. Students may not be considered for tuition status after October 1 of any given school year.
5. No student shall be considered for tuition status if, as determined by the District administration, the student/teacher class ratio cannot absorb additional students.
6. Special education students will be considered on an individual basis and will not be subjected to the same guidelines as regular education students applying for tuition status.
7. The Board retains the right to revoke at any time the tuition status of any student for reasons related to discipline, poor attendance or any violation of the student code of conduct.

(Approval date: June 28, 1999)
(Re-approval date: June 27, 2005)
[Revision date: May 18, 2009]
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