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Address: 655 Viking Way Ashville, OH 43103   Phone: 740-983-5078
Dress Code
All clothing and hairstyles must be neat, clean and styled in a way that is not disruptive to the learning process.
Extremism is unacceptable in regards to hair length, style, color, etc.

In situations where a disagreement exists as to whether or not attire is appropriate, the principal shall make the final decision.
Hairstyles must be of a nature that they do not create a safety hazard. Hair must be out of the eyes. This bears the same importance as safety glasses. When a flame is used, the hair must be confined in such a manner that there is no chance of the hair catching fire. Caps and hats are NOT to be worn in the school building. They may be worn in industrial areas or for P.E. classes when activities are outside, as deemed appropriate by the instructor.

Clothing shall be neat and clean at all times. The emphasis is health and safety. Shirts with obscene slogans or wording shall not be permitted. This includes wording, which in the opinion of the principal, has a double meaning and may be interpreted as obscene. Clothing that advertises drugs, alcohol or tobacco products are not to be worn. Both boys and girls may wear shorts. The shorts must reach to the bottom of the fingertips when the student is standing with the arms hanging to his/her side. Bicycle/Spandex pants and shorts and pajamas are not allowed in school. Shoes shall be worn at all times by all students. The style and construction of shoes shall be appropriate to the program in which the student is enrolled and the activity in which the student is engaged.

Boys' and girls' clothing shall be made of an opaque material and must cover the body from shoulders to mid-thigh. Sleeveless blouses must have straps that cover the shoulders. No bare backs or midriffs will be allowed. Low cut or revealing tops are not permitted. All tops and bottoms must cover undergarments, including straps. Boys and girls may wear tank tops. Straps must be at least three (3) fingers in width.

No student on or about school property or at any school-sponsored activity shall wear, possess, use, distribute, or sell any clothing, medallions or other jewelry, insignia, emblem, badge, patch, symbol, sign, tattoo, scar or mark, hair style, or other elements which identify a gang or which are evidence of membership or affiliation in any gang or which otherwise disrupt the academic process.
Pants must be worn about the waist at all times. “Sagging” is not permitted.
No students will be permitted to wear dog chokers, chains, loops or spiked necklaces. A good rule of thumb to follow is if in doubt, do not wear it.
Students are not permitted to wear any piercing-type jewelry in body parts other than the ear. This will include jewelry or products worn in the tongue, navel, lips, eyebrows, nose, etc. Students who have these body parts pierced will remove the jewelry prior to attending school.
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